Opening a case

Cases are opened three ways:

  • If the family is receiving CalWORKs or MediCal benefits, and a parent is absent from the home or the establishment of legal parentage is necessary, the Department of Human Assistance will automatically refer the case to the child support agency for opening.
  • If no CalWORKs is being paid to the family, either parent may ask the child support agency to open a case. The intake documents are available by accessing the information on the Case Opening page.
  • If there is a family in another state that is seeking support from a parent residing in Sacramento County, the other state will initiate a case with the County of Sacramento.

Case opening information:

  • Application for Services - This is a link to the State of California Department of Child Support (DCSS) site where you will be able to complete the forms needed to open a case. These forms are available in PDF format which can only be viewed using the Adobe Acrobat® Reader. Once you have completed all the forms, simply come to our office on any Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. for a group orientation and processing class. While you are highly encouraged to attend the orientation class, if you are not able to attend during these times you are welcome to come in anytime during office hours with your completed forms. You may also access the Statewide Online Application (SOLA). SOLA is a single state-approved online application process that is easy, secure, and of no cost to you. Please follow the instructions on the State website to download and print the “Application for Child Support Services Packet”. If you receive CalWorks or Medical, a case will be opened by referral from the Department of Human Assistance and this packet will be automatically be mailed to you at that time.
  • Understanding case numbers
  • Closing a case
  • View Case Opening Orientation Video